Reminder for 6th Year Parents and Students

The Grant System SUSI opens today and the priority closing date is the 9th July 2020.
Students can apply for the grant without knowing which course they will attend.It is the exact same grant system whether a student is CAO or College of Further Education applicant.
If financial circumstances have changed since last year , there is a section that this can be addressed in the application.
A detailed email was sent on Tuesday to all sixth year students on the application process by the Guidance Counsellor Ms Connell

Useful links are

Detailed application guide

A summary video on the Susi process

Information on scholarships and other bursaries

Susi can be contacted on Helpdesk 0761 08 7874
E mail:support(((@)))
Twitter SusiHelpdesk

Ms Connell Guidance Counsellor can be contacted at

Thank You
Ms. Connell