Peidi Success at Young Scientist 2020 2021.

Peidi 2

This  project by 5th year student Peidi Lee was  an investigation of tessellations or tiling patterns. A tessellation is a collection of shapes that fit together without gaps or overlap to cover the infinite mathematical plane. A tessellation is a type of pattern which can be defined as a two-dimensional design that has some sort of symmetry. Four types of symmetries are used to create beautiful tessellation. These are translations, rotations, and reflection. 

The aims of this investigation are: 

  • To investigate the possibly that there is an irregular convex pentagon that has not yet been established as a regular tessellation. 
  • To create tessellating designs using both regular and irregular polygons and both line and point symmetry. 


Peidi overcame the challenges of the year and was successful at the virtual exhibition. Well Done Peidi we are very proud of you!!

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