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W5 Field Trip

In early February first years took the annual trip up to W5 in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast. It was a two hour journey so we departed at nine o`clock. When we arrived we had to go up into the lobby where we left our bags and separated into the groups we would be in for the day. Everyone went to different floors and exhibitions; there were five floors with a wide range of science activities on each. W5 stands for Who, What, When, Where, & Why, the reason for this is that these are the questions you ask yourself when dealing with science questions. Every class went to two levels and then took our break for an hour. After lunch we went off again around W5 and got to visit a few other levels. There were many attractions on each floor including a lab and a gift shop where there was loads of W5 stationary and science tools. We visited the lab on one of the floors where we were split into groups or five and six with each person wearing lab coats and goggles. We then got to do some experiments such as freezing a balloon using liquid nitrogen. The last experiment we did before we left was putting a jellybaby into a popcorn machine where it melted and burned. That concluded our day at W5 and we started on our two hour journey home.

(By Lauren Smyth, Ciara McCullough, Jane Matthews, Katie Dunne, Hannah Farrell & Niamh Mullarkey, First Years, 2009)

W5 in Chemistry Workshop on2016 02 11 13 700p

The Chemical Reations Workshop in W5

W5 Tug of War on2016 02 11 12 700p

Tug of War proving the Law of the Lever

W5 Using Pulleys on2016 02 11 12 700p

Using Pulleys to Lift Yourself

W5 Levitation with Belfast Backdrop on2016 02 11 12 700p

Levitation with Belfast Backdrop




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