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Religious Education

Junior Certificate Religion

This syllabus provides students with a framework for understanding the variety of religious traditions in Ireland and elsewhere.  It offers opportunities to develop an informed and critical understanding of the Christian tradition and seeks to develop in students the skills needed to engage in meaningful dialogue with those of other, or of no, religious traditions. It covers teaching and learning for the first, second and third years in post-primary school. It is assessed by examination at the end of third year at Ordinary and Higher Levels.  There are two assessment components – journal work (20%) and a terminal written examination (80%).

Note:  A new specification for Junior Cycle Religious Education will be introduced for first year students from September 2019 and assessed in 2022 for the first time

Curriculum Content - Year I

Section A – Communities of Faith

Part 1   Community

Part 2   Communities at Work

Part 3   Communities of Faith

Part 4   Relationships between Communities of Faith

Part 5   Organisation and leadership in Communities of Faith

Section B – Foundations of Religion – Christianity

Part 1   The Context

Part 2   Evidence about Jesus

Curriculum Content -Year 2

Section B – Foundations of Religion – Christianity

Part 3   The person and preaching of Jesus

Part 4   The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Part 5   Faith in Christ

Section D – The Question of Faith

Part 1   The Situation of Faith Today

Part 2   The Beginnings of Faith

Part 3   The Growth of Faith

Part 4   The Expression of Faith

Part 5   Challenges to Faith

Curriculum Content – Year 3

Section F – The Moral Challenge

Part 1   Introduction to Morality

Part 2   Sources of Morality

Part 3   Growing in Morality

Part 4   Religious Morality in Action

Part 5   Law and Morality

Section E – Celebration of Faith: Christianity

Part 1   The World of Ritual

Part 2   The Experience of Worship

Part 3   Worship as Response to Mystery

Part 4   Sign and Symbol

Part 5   Prayer


Senior Cycle Religion

5th Year Non Exam Religion

Curriculum Content

5th year non-exam classes focus their attention on Section A of the Leaving Certificate Examination Syllabus.  This section was explored during this past year.

Section A – The Search for Meaning and Values

There are four parts in this section. They are as follows:

Part 1   The Quest for Meaning

Part 2   The Response to the Quest

Part 3   Concepts of God

Part 4   Religion and the Emergence of Values

6th Year Non Exam Religion

Curriculum Content

The 6th year non exam class focus on the study of 4 separate sections, each of which is contained in the Tom Gunning book “Into the deep”

Celebrating Faith


A Living Faith – Doing Justice


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