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The mathematics department in Our Lady’s College is made up of 10  teachers.  The school was chosen as  one of twenty four second level schools nationwide, to participate in the pilot scheme of project maths.  The teaching of project maths commenced in the school in 2008.  In May 2011 The Department of Education and Skills conducted a subject inspection in maths.  (Copy of Inspectors' Report). Teachers from the maths department were invited to speak about project maths at the Maths Counts conference in Maynooth University and Cork.

Project maths  is offered to students at all levels – Foundation, Ordinary and Higher level in Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate courses.  Maths is also provided as part of the Transition Year and Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.

The main aim of the maths department is to facilitate students reaching their full potential, whilst also contributing to the  development of  the students personal development and developing their analytical and problem solving skills.  

Aims & objectives

The aim of our department is to enable our students to
    •    develop a positive attitude towards maths and to become confident and competent mathematics students
    •    enjoy mathematics and encourage an interest in the world of maths
    •    use of mathematics as a tool for solving problems
    •    become logical and articulate thinkers
    •    be familiar with mathematics terminology and be able to use it in a clear and precise manner
    •    organize and communicate their work verbally and in written form
    •    reach their full potential in mathematics examinations
    •    apply their mathematical knowledge in everyday situations involving maths
    •    analyse information and solve problems
    •    recall basic mathematical facts
    •    be able to use a calculator confidently
    •    recognize maths in the world around them

How you can help your daughter with maths?

The greatest impact on a child’s attitude to maths is the parent’s attitude to maths. Show an interest in maths and point out to your child the many ways you use maths in your everyday life. Help your child understand that every parent is a mathematician.  Practical ways to help your daughter with maths homework may include:
   •   Going over the homework instructions  with her and find out what she does and doesn’t understand about the given assignment. Check for understanding of keywords in the topic.
   •   Encourage her to find another maths student in her class so that they can call upon each others’ assistance -  if she is unclear about the assignment or they want to review a class lesson.
   •   Ask her where she thinks she should begin. What pieces of information does she know already? What exactly is she trying to find?
   •   Ask her if she can find information in her notes to solve the problem.
   •   Ask if there is an example to a similar problem in her textbook or class notes.  Ask her to try to work out the answer to the example herself, unaided and then apply this knowledge to the homework assignment.
   •   Suggest that she draw or make a model to explain her thinking.
   •   Ask more guiding questions as she progresses, such as “What should you do next?”, “Does the answer make sense?”, “Did you answer the particular question asked?”, “Can you think of any other way to solve that question?”
   •   If she struggles to understand the subject matter or has trouble keeping up with the amount of homework assigned, ask her teacher for recommendations.
   •   Suggest looking for homework help online. has maths help for parents and students.
   •    Remember to resist the temptation to do the homework for her.

Maths Syllabus

The maths syllabus is divided into five strands:
1. Statistics and Probability
2. Geometry and Trigonometry
3. Number
4. Algebra
5. Functions

Junior Certificate Mathematics Syllabus
Leaving Certificate Mathematics syllabus
Leaving Certificate Applied - Mathematical applications

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