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Business Studies

Business Studies enables students to make informed decisions in the everyday business of living. It contributes to the student’s understanding of the world of business, which encourages a positive attitude to enterprise and develops appropriate skills in that field.

Business Studies teaches you how to make sensible decisions in spending income, how you are protected as a consumer, how banking and insurance works, how to budget, how to set up a business, how to record and understand financial information and how information technology can help deal with your business or personal finances.

How will Business Studies be useful to me?

Business Studies helps you to make wise decisions about saving and spending your money now and throughout your life. You will learn about the world of work which will introduce you to many possible careers such as: accountancy, finance, sales, marketing, and management. It also gives you a good foundation for the three Leaving Certificate business subjects Accounting, Business, and Economics. Each one becomes more specific and allows you to concentrate more on the area you choose.

If you wish to study any of these subjects for the Leaving Certificate, it would be advantageous for you to have studied Junior Certificate Business Studies In 5th year it is possible to take  Business, Economics and Accounting for the first time. However, Business teachers stress the difficulty of taking the subject Accounting if it has not been studied for the Junior Certificate.

Junior Cycle  

Junior Cycle Business Studies enables students to make informed decisions in the everyday business of living, the world of business and encourages a positive attitude to enterprise and which develops appropriate skills in that field. 

A broad variety of subjects are covered in the course: 

  1. The Business of Living – Personal Finance & banking, consumer education, budgeting, insurance, borrowing, Communication skills: written, oral and visual.  Record keeping required to run any household is also included in this part of the course.
  2. Economic Awareness.   This is a gentle introduction to the world of economics, allowing pupils to become informed on Ireland’s foreign trade, government budgets and the main economic factors that affect the Irish economy.
  3. Enterprise – The syllabus now builds on what was learnt in the Business of Living and expands into the world of business.  Topics include: Business finance, types of ownership, business documents, marketing, employment & industrial relations, all book-keeping from books of first entry to final accounts, analysis of accounts.
  4. Information Technology- a basic outline of the uses of ICT in business and at home today.

What is the Business Studies Junior Certificate exam like?

Ordinary level students are required to sit one written exam. They are required to answer twenty short answer questions and five long answer questions.

Higher level students are required to sit two written exams. Paper I examines students on household and personal questions, which consists of twenty short answer questions and four long questions. Paper II examines students from a business perspective and consists of four long questions. You can take the exam at Higher or at Ordinary level.

Business at Senior Cycle

The Business Course deals with the practical aspects of Business.  The Course is divided into seven units:

  1. People in Business
  2. Enterprise
  3. Management 1
  4. Management 2
  5. Business in Action
  6. Domestic Environment
  7. Internal Environment


  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Management
  • Advertising
  •  Retailing
  •  Marketing


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