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IT for Students

Logins on the Student Network

On Windows 7 computers, on the student (olc) network, students or teachers should log in as follows:

Username: olc\username, where username is normally firstnamesurname with no punctuation or special characters e.g. "olc\aineoreilly".

Password: pres. Passwords are normally reset to 'pres' at the start of each year, and students must reset this password on first use.

If a student has forgotten their password temporary login is available as explained on a notice on the door of each computer room. Their work will be saved in a general student folder and will not be private.

A list of usernames is available in a folder on the teacher`s desk in each computer room.

On the student network (olc\) students should save their work to the H: drive, not to the Documents folder. Saving to the Documents folder saves it to that machine only and their work will not be available if a student logs on to a different machine.

To save to the H: drive: 
Open "My Computer" and click on the Folders icon near the top. 
Underneath the Computers folder, as a subfolder of it (you may have to click on the + symbol) find the drive marked H as: 
where username is the student`s name e.g. 
aineoreilly(\\SERVER01\ aineoreilly)(H:) 
Within the H: drive students can make a Documents folder etc. as they wish.

[J. Loughran, Sept. 2012]


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