Global Game Jam and Min-Jam 2019


The global game jam is running in the Mill, beside Our Lady’s College, from the 25th to the 27th January 2019. Colin Guilfoyle of the Mill wrote to encourage interested girls over 16 to attend the main event, or younger ones the short Sunday event, or teachers. He wrote:

Global Game Jam is a worldwide virtual gathering of game developers, artists, audio engineers and gamers to make games for 48 hours on a common theme. We’re running the event out of the Mill (though we’re closing for the night time element so they can go home for some sleep!) and looking for people to attend. We are charging an entry fee of €20 (or
€15 for Greehills students, see below) but this just makes sure we get attendance, we’ll have a goodie bag with t-shirts, etc that more than covers the fee and they’ll be fed lunch and dinner on the Friday and Lunch on the Sunday. We’re going to have a few speakers in as well to give hints and tips on the days. Format is: 

5pm Friday – Launch and theme given out.
11pm Friday finish Day 1.
7am Saturday – 11pm Saturday Development Time,
7am Sunday – 4pm Sunday Development Time.
4pm onwards wrap-up and game presentations.

This event is for the 16+ age group. In terms of abilities graphics, and coding are the most in demand but they can build board games instead of computer games and get a taste for the whole game dev side of things.

Min-jam for younger students

In addition we’re running a FREE mini jam on Sunday 27th Januaryt for those under 16s budding developers, artists, audio enthusiasts and board game makers to come and see what it’s all about. Think coder dojo but for gamers. From 2-4 you’ll have the chance to work on a small jam project coming up with your own game pitch and then you’ll get to see the main pitches live from out own jammers and also the teams around the world on live stream. This event is free to attend but you must register (see e-mail for link to free registration).  Anyone under 12 will need a guardian to stay around with them as we’re gamers not parental supervisors (sorry!) but there’ll be a VR e-sports tournament to keep you entertained and we won’t complain if you want to make your own game submission!

On top of all that we’ll have 2 VR headsets running on Sunday for people to get introduced to the technology and see what it’s like.

I really want to push the STEM side of things in the area among the female demographic as the DkIT course is decidedly male dominated currently and it suffers for it. If you want to circulate this link (read your school e-mail to get the link and the purchase code for the reduced rate of $15) your students can get the tickets for €15. I’m including the poster and a link to an intro video ( too, so you can see what’s involved. Also you or other teachers with an interest are more than welcome to participate too, maybe you’ll make the next flappy bird!

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Sounds like fun if you are into designing games as well as playing them. If you are interested do not delay as places are limited (47 this morning).