Dramatic Win For 1st Year B Team in Quarter Final

1st Year B Team 2018-19

DBefore Spring-Break both 1st Year basketball teams finished top of their respective sections in the Division 2 league and received confirmation they would play semi-finals on return. However, after a rule change by the Secondary School Associations Committee during the break, the teams were informed they must play quarter finals.  The first of these took place on Friday, where the 1st Year B team had home advantage and took on St.Louis of Rathmines.  The home team started well but failed to capitalize on their opportunities and as often then happens the visitors scored first. However, Sadhbh Clinton got her team going and they finished 6-4 up at the 1st break, Queen Agunloye also getting on the sheet.  Baskets were nip and tuck throughout, and the scores were tied at 12 points a piece going into the last quarter.  St. Louis were first to score once again but it wasn’t long before Sarah McGrath levelled the match.  Leisha Archbold then put her side a point ahead with a superb free throw.  There was 3 minutes 25 seconds remaining on the game clock, with the score at 15-14 when the visiting coach had a disagreement with the referee.  Things escalated and the Coach was disqualified from the gym. Unfortunately, this affected both teams on the resumption of the game, but it was the home side who rallied the most. McGrath bagged herself another basket along with Casey Nugent and the side are back in the semi-finals, winning 19-14.

The1stYear A team will play St. Dominic’s, Cabra on Wednesday.

TEAM& SCORES: Queen Agunloye 2; Leisha Archbold 3; Jessica Carr 4; Sadhbh Clinton 4; Katie Connolly; Emma Farrell (injured); Jessica Hevey; Evie Kirwan; Deimena Makauskaite; Aine Marron; Sarah McGrath 4; Kuhle Mdlalo and Casey Nugent 2.