Carron Leads Charge for 1st Years.

1st Year A, Division 2 Team 2018-19

As the 1st and 2nd year leagues are now at a crucial stage every game and result is even more important.  The 1st year A and 2nd year A teams both had matches this week, hosting Dominican College, from Griffith Avenue, Drumcondra. The 2nd years were first to play, and a very poor start did not help their case.  Although presented with many opportunities, they failed to finish with scores.  Loveth Edonwande scored their only basket as they matched the visitors single score.  Realistically,they should have been 14 points up.  The next players on the court did slightly better, scoring 4 points leaving Dominican 8-6 up at the half time.  On the plus side, Sara Jane Hughes was dogged in defence, keeping their point guard scoreless in this quarter.  The 2nd half was a different story, Edonwande straight out of the blocks and scoring the first two baskets.  They scored 12 points and flipped the score board to take the lead 18-10 going into the final quarter.  However, Dominican who are unbeaten so far in this league were not giving up the points that easy, and their number one-point guard destroyed the Boynesiders in the final quarter,scoring 13 of their 14 points.  The score was back to a single point, as both teams traded free throws from the line.  Cliona McKernan hitting a huge two from the line to regain the lead by a single point with less than one minute on the game clock.  It was all down to defence now as Dominican went on the search for the winning score, but Niamh Byrne was on hand under her own basket and prevented a sure basket.  The outlet was swift as Our Lady’s went up the floor with 8 seconds remaining.  However, instead of holding procession they took a risky shot and gave Dominican back the ball, fortunately, time ran out before they could get a shot off.  The home team celebrating the win on the slimmest of margins, 25-24. Lessons need to be learned from this game if they are to progress to top-four, with more players stepping up on game day.

TEAM& SCORES: Captain, Niamh Burke 4; Uyi Aghavbere; Subomi Dele 1; Loveth Edonwande 13; Ella Flanagan 2; Sarah Jane Hughes 1; Amelia Lawrence; Ellen McCarthy; Kate McGuigan; Cliona McKernan 6;Nicole Tully (absent) and Jowita Wyka.

Also, taking on Dominican was the 1st Year A side.   Point guard, Jessica Carron was straight out of the blocks, laying down her intent and scoring off the jump ball.  With further baskets from Heather Breen, Eabha Woods and Carron they led 10-0 at the break.  Not wanting to be outdone, the next five players to the court, continued, hitting another 7 points, Joy Mooney picking up 6 and Sheila Whyte successful with one from the line.  D.C.G.A. improved in the second half but could not match the overall scoring power of this young side.  There were some nice performances from Sophie McNally and Leah Brodigan, but it was Jessica Carron who stole the show, with 12 points.  Jessica also topped scored in last weeks game, hitting a season high 22 points.  The final score 33-12.

TEAM& SCORES: Heather Breen 2; Leah Brodigan 2; Jessica Carron 12; Katie Dawson; Molly Dixon; Emily Fitzpatrick; Armela Hotaj; Liana Karkle; Erin Kearney; Kate McDermott 2; Sophie McNally; Kiera McWilliams; Joy Mooney 6; Clodagh O’Connor; Sheila Whyte 3 and Eabha Woods 6.