Annual Drogheda Inter-Schools Cupcake Competition.

Cupcake Creations!

On Wednesday 27th February eight TY students, accompanied by Ms Anne Byrne and Ms Noirin O Sullivan, departed from our Lady’s College and headed to the Sacred Heart School for the annual Drogheda Inter-Schools Cupcake Competition, the brain child of Ms Anne Byrne. The students were Caoimhe Leech and her partner Lucy McGloin. Amber Murphy and her partner Ciara Quinn. Ava Scanlon and her partner Hannah Woods. Cliodhna Nolan and her partner Hannah McCarthy. These students had been chosen out of nineteen pairs who had taken part in our school cupcake competition recently.

The eight girls were armed with every ingredient, utensil and piece of equipment they required to make and decorate their cupcakes. Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by Ms Nichola Trainor and Ms Polly Ludlow who had gone to great lengths to have the kitchen prepared for everyone’s arrival. The girls and boys from the various schools donned their aprons and got busy preparing, weighing and measuring everything they needed for the two hour task ahead. There were sieves, rolling pins and icing bags aplenty. All students worked quickly but efficiently. There were no eggy drips, no flour plumes, no soggy cupcakes, these were experts in their field! They were mixing, whisking, beating and rolling effortlessly. They all expertly decorated their cupcakes and seeing the students perform the meticulous task of moulding and shaping their fondant, was akin to an artist at work. The deliciously sweet smell wafted through the corridors of the school, while the teachers waited eagerly in the staff room to see the finished products.  

Time was up! The teachers and the judge, Sarah from Custom Cakes, headed to the kitchen. We were mesmerised by what lay before our eyes! The displays were jaw dropping. There were monsters and mice, penguin sand puppies, M&Ms and unicorns, bees were buzzing and gnomes were digging,flowers were growing and fiestas were flying! The judge announced the eight pairs of students who got through to the next day’s final. We were delighted that the following pairs of students got through from our school: Amber Murphy and Ciara Quinn, Ava Scanlon Hannah Woods and Cliodhna Nolan and Hannah McCarthy.Every student who took part in the competition was presented with a certificate by the Principal of the school.

It was déjà vu the following day, Thursday. The two judges, Sarah who judged the previous day, and Ms Mary Caffrey complimented the students on the high standard of their work. The hosting teacher, Ms Nichola Trainor, gave a speech thanking everyone involved. Then the moment……The anticipation was palpable! In first place Cliodhna Nolan and Hannah McCarthy.Their prize was a voucher for Scotch Hall for €100. The Sacred Heart school won second prize, a voucher for €50. Ava Scanlon and Hannah Woods won third prize which was a large hamper. We gathered up everything and returned to our school with the students feeling well rewarded for all their hard work. I think the next Mary Berry is to be found in Greenhills!

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