2nd Year Team Bounce into Premier Division Semi-Final

It was a quiet week, match wise, for the teams at Our Lady’s College.  Originally, three games were scheduled, but midweek two 1st Year games due on Friday were rescheduled for the following week.  The only team lining out was the 2nd Year A side, playing in the Premier division. This was this teams last game in the league campaign and a win would see them top the league, unbeaten.

Manor House from Raheny came Boyneside, with some very tall players, but this did not phase the ‘College’ girls.  Ciara NicCriosta dominated the first quarter, scoring 8 points and her side led 10 – 5, at the break. A further 11 points was added by the next five on court, with Loveth Edomwande and Nikola Busa causing the opposition problems.  Newcomers on this team this season, Josephine Ogbanga and Dannan Jackson continue to improve with each match.  Manor House had no reply to this free scoring team, and they finished their last game with a comprehensive victory, 43 – 15.  They now go into the top-four spot in 1st position and will play the team in 4th (after mid-term break).

TEAM & SCORES: Captain, Ellie Riggs; Ava Briscoe (absent); Nikola Busa 12; Loveth Edomwande 5; Zoe Gardiner 1; Dannan Jackson; Gretta McEvoy 2; Ciara NicCriosta 16; Kaylin Nugent; Josephine Ogbanga 4; Abby Rice 3; Ava Russell and Abby Strutt.